First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


His love for her

It was a cold peaceful morning. She wake up and see outside from her window,outside it was very calm and green grasses with dew drops which were shining like a diamond in the rising sun. She stare outside for a while and she went near to mirror. She smile to herself looking at the mirror. She begin to remember those everything that happen to her life.

Once upon a time she was very lonely girl. She was so unhappy and unsatisfied with her life. She had lost all the hope and courage to live her life ahead. She used to stay alone all the time. She had just a thought to end her life. She saw darkness all around her. She used to drink and smoke a lot. She was used by many boys to satisfy their sexual needs. She was totally messed up and broken. She was all silent and pretend to be happy but deep inside,she was broken and scattered. There is no light of hope in her life. But she never lost a faith in herself.With every situation she fight alone.

Days,months and years passed away,she was still in same situation. No one is helping her. The so called friends,family everyone left her alone. Then also she make her strong and begin to struggle. One day as she was walking in the subway she saw a man. Both of their eyes stare at each-others. She was lost for a while until another person called her. Everyday they begin to meet with each other. But both were unable to speak. One day the man came near to her and said hello to her. She thought it as a day dream and begin to walk but again the man said hello to her this time she stop and looked at him. She was very happy. She begin to talk with him. Both were in hurry so they exchanged their number and went to their destiny.

Whole day in her work she was just thinking about him. How can he be so gentle,so kind?? She has never met such a man with a great personality and kindness. Meanwhile when she was lost in her thought,the phone rang. She hold the phone in her hand and saw it was his number. She smile spreading all the lightness and she received the call. They begin to talk with each other. She share every thing about him. She was crying but it is of happiness. It was already midnight and they were still talking. Finally she slept after many days in a peaceful sleep.

After that day she used to meet him everyday. They were so deeply in love with each other. He supported her in every situation. He gave her lots of love and care that she left all her bad habits.

Today, she is a great wife,mother and a CEO of a big company. His love was a radiant energy to her that transform her life. Her daughter called mumma she smiled again and hugged her.

As after every sunsets we can feel the calmness and warmness of the night same as life will also turn us through various opportunity and struggles. We should just be calm and determined.



This word itself is very heavy and most of us always fear about it. Rejections could be in any form. It could be from jobs or the persons we love or by our body like in transplant surgeries. Our body totally react differently towards this unwanted thing that suddenly happens to our life.
Yes it is a ovious rejections are never our wish. I rearly have seen any person who wants to get rejections in their life from the things or person they love. And I wonder why we could not take rejections in a positive way. Why we could not think the rejection might have happen for very good reason and purpose. Within a blink of eyes there could be a massive positive change in your life. Nobody knows about it. We become so sad and depressed when we get rejected. Why we could not be happy after rejections?
I think we should be happy for it as you have got more chances to discover better person. Today I was watching Royal Weeding and I was just thinking what is your situation yesterday,how many time you failed rejected it really does not matter. If anything matters is its you and yourself. How you present yourself to this battle of life. If you became coward and gave up before the war begins then nobody could help you out. So once rejected or how many times you are rejected it doesn’t matter at all. Just anything that is most important in your life is that yourself. May be we are too busy caring unnecessarily about others and we forget to care about ourself,to know own self. Untill you know yourself how could you judge others. Be stronger than those diamonds which is like stone but which has its own value.


As the time goes on
Nothing remains as it is
Everything goes away with its flow
The biggest pain
No more remains that big
The sorrows which you thought will never end
Will shortly end
The relations will no more remain as it is
Sometime it breaks and sometime it mends
Even the mistakes that you make
Will not remain same
As the time changes its shape
The perception of life changes everytime
The priorities may begin to change
Even the most beautiful body gets old
The most pleasing personality
Will become dull and senseless
Though we always take pride of material things
With out knowing we have limited time
Nothing remains that we have gained


Drizzling tiny rain
Please take away everyone’s pain
Teach them there in no gain
Withholding them again and again
Beautiful rainbow is there after rain
Teach them hardship no longer remains same
Thunderstorm and lightening in the sky is seen
Before the tiny rain drops are seen
Similar thing are mean to happen
With each hardship beautiful things are gained
The cloudy sky before it rains
And the crystal clear sky after it rain
Teach them similar thing is going to happen
Even sometime life is darkened
Its sure to be more brighter
Teach them sometime to fall down is beautiful
Beautiful like those tiny rain drops falling on the ground
And the smell of the soil after it gets wet
It just satisfies your heart
Same satisfaction you will gain
As your hardship ends


I wish I could be child again

So that I could live without fear again

I could be happy every moment again

I could be curious about every little things again

I could get same love and care from everyone again

I could have same charm with never to harm anyone once again

I want to speak few good words again

Though little word it could spread smile around again

I wat to walk few steps again

Though I will fall,I will smile and try to walk again

I want to play with my friend in the garden again

I want to swing on a rope again

I want to listen those fairy tales once again

I want to fall asleep with those fairy dreams again

I want to embrace everyone with love and kindness once again

Dear Daughter

Darling, I hope you are grown up by now. I am your biological mother who gave birth to you. But sorry darling I cannot be beside you in your each step of growth. You are the only person whom I was eagerly waiting and living for. You may want to ask if I had loved you that much then why did I left you ?
Baby, I never even imagined the situation will come in which I would have to leave you in that way. It was never my wish but its the time that let me to take this big decision.
You were born by chance. It was my mistake by which you was in my womb. I was in love with a person. The love and life between us was awesome. We were at the begining of the career. We have planned our future accordingly. But things did not take same way. I got pregnant, everything between us begin to change. The love between us vanished. He lost the interest on me. I just became useless to him. That man who once loved me a lot begin to fight with me in every small issues. You were 6 month old in my womb when he left. The country,people around are totally new to me. Your biological father and I was from different country. It was only few months ago I have shifted to that new place with him. The situation was very tuff for me. You were growing everyday in my womb and I was unable to work and I lost my job. I cannot ask help with anyone. My parents did not accepted you. There was no hope to get help from anyone. But I was determined to give birth to you. At least if I could not be with you, I want you to see this beautiful world.
Darling, after 9 months you were born,it was the most happiest day of my life. It was the day when I feel complete on myself. You may have queries again why I left you?
Darling I became little selfish on myself, sorry for it. I want you to get good care, best childhood and best education so that you never had a childhood like your mother. I don”t want you to had your childhood in trauma and pain. You don’t know baby everyday I used to see you from distance.
Baby I know you may be angry with me but I love more than myself. Today I want to give you some advice. Darling nothing is perfect in this world. Nobody could love and help you more than that you can do to yourself. Men are very mean. It is said it is difficult to understand woman but no its difficult to understand them too. Never beg for the love and other thing with others,just work hard to achieve it. You should put a shield over your body and you should be bold,beautiful,confident and courageous. Darling nothing in this world is more important than you yourself. So focus on yourself. With each season colorful people will come across you. Some might have good intensions and some might have bad intensions. You should be able to distinguish between good and bad. Always trust and believe your guts.
Life is never smooth,some day it will be most fruitful someday it will be very sad and useless. You should come out from your comfort zone and live your life with lots of courage. Nothing should come first than you. Darling at last love all the creature. Be kind and at same time never let anyone to use you.
I love you my baby. I want to see you as a most happiest person in the world.
Yours biological mamu

Woman born by chance

You are a woman

You should not talk

You should be silent and peaceful

No matter if somebody touch your body in public

No matter somebody rapes you

After all your body is not holy thing to pray

Though goddesses in temples are holy

No matter you are in domestic violence

No matter if you die due to mensural pain or labor pain

May be with your existence there is no gain

After all your family dignity and pride is above all

After all your family norms comes first

Social rules and cultures are precious over anything

You are daughter born by chance

So everything you have to sacrifice

You should always remain calm

You are a shadow in the sunny day

You have no right to search for your own light

You are an emblem for beauty

You should be toy to satisfy man

A machine to continue human existence

You have right to bear all injustices

You have right to become dumb,deaf and blind

To accept everything blindly


Scars no more scares me
Rather it gives me strength to live
Darkness no more hides my path
Rather I am more clear about it
Those injustice,violence no more tear my dignity and pride
Rather I am more determined
Inspites of social norms,which had tied my wings
I learned to fly independently higher
Instead of those fearful demon faces around
I get courage to fight for injustice
Despite of those loud voices,which always make me dumb
I have begin to roar for my rights
Instead of many adversities
I have begin to shine brighter than those tiny stars