Is sentence death solution for every crime?

Crime and criminals are like the two parts of coin,inseparable from each other. Nobody is born as a criminal,everyone when born are like those raw mid which can be shaped into various designs. Then how criminals are born are born then? Its a matter to discuss because nobody is born as a criminal. It seems every aspect of society is responsible for someone to become criminal.

When there are many aspects responsible the person to become criminal then how can only strict rules and laws could only lessen the crime from the society. Shouldn’t we every individual are responsible for it?

In the present context of my country there is no provision of sentence death for any crime. Recently 11 years old girl was raped and killed. After this incidence huge people are on the road to protest against it for the justice. Now people had a new demand,they want new law to be reinforced that is death penalty for those who rape and kill the girls. Yes, I also think such devils should have no wright to live,they should be killed mercifully.

Again, I look towards those country in which there is provision of death penalty, then also the crime hasn’t been abolished from the society. May be if such provision is there then there might be slight decrease in crime but it is not the thing that we have desired,we want a permanent and long term solution. It may take years to achieve the goals but we have to think alternative way to eradicate this very important serious issues from society.

I want to share a story with you all which highlights the importance of moral eduction for a individual. During the time of Gautam Buddha,he had many students and they need to go to the villagers house. They need to stay there and collect food. There were three students whom Gautam Buddha send to the village to find place to stay. Among them one found a house but it was the house of a sex worker. He came to Gautam Buddha and asked if he could stay in that house or not then Gautam Buddha replied to him, of course you can stay there. Next day he went there,she welcomed him. She used to cook delicious food for him and perform dance for him . Likewise days passed on. And the day came on which he has to return back. When he return back to Buddha he was with a female nun. This story clearly indicates the power of good morality.

So,we have to think various aspects through which we can eradicate this social issues. We shouldn’t think only strict rules,law would be sufficient.



What is beauty?
It is that fair smooth skin
Or that dark skin
Is it in color of skin?
Wow straight silky hair
No curly golden hair
Are most beautiful
Is that hair on which beauty measured?
Amazing curve of the body
Most beautiful among anything
Is that curve of body determines beauty?
Wow what a beautiful smile
I wish I could have such a perfect teeth
Is that beauty is in beautiful smiles behind perfect teeth?
Its a beauty in skin which wrinkles one day
Or in the hair that grays and you may become bald one day
Or in that curve which never remains same
Or that perfect teeth that one day is not yours
What is beauty then??

I don’t want

I don’t want to hold your hands
To walk for few miles
Though I want to hold it till last breathe
I don’t want to be beside you for today
To laugh with you in your happiness
Though I want to be beside you in all griefs and sorrows too
To stand tall through each ups and downs
I don’t want to love you
To accomplish my loneliness
Though I want to love you unconditionally
To that of any those great lovers
I don’t want to be yours weakness
To create more pain in your life
Though I want to be your strength
To overcome your every fear.

A journey from Dr.

Every journey to begin is quite tuff and full of uncertainty,challenges. As others my journey was also not that easy. To be born as a daughter in a developing country where still daughters are taken as a burden instead of boon and pride. Still many girls are deprived of education and their parents married them as soon as possible. Mostly eastern and western hills and terai region of our country its highly prevalent. Its like a biggest luck to be born as a daughter otherwise many daughters are infanticide before birth. When the world is far ahead,we are still crawling.
I am a previleged and lucky to be born as a daughter in such a house and such a amazing parents and family. The journey was supposed to be tuff if I had not got sufficient support from them. They never did difference between son and daughter. Instead they used to say we should provide best education for our daughters as later on life they could live independently and with pride. Despite of many social myths,believes they constantly believed on my efforts and pushed me ahead.
Still today I remember that day when I have selected for the Dental school, my highly educated relatives instead of encouraging my parents totally denied and discouraged them. They just told its worthless to teach daughters with this lots of investments as finally they will be getting married and won’t be any gain to them. I feel bad that day but my parents just believed on myself and let me to go for my dreams.
The journey had begun on 2013 October 25. I was so excited with lots of dreams,courage and enthusiasm. Finally my steps towards my destiny has going to begin. Since the first day I just had one basic moto to live for humanity,kindness,love and peace. Everyday I am constantly following my guts to be a better daughter,citizen and of course a good dentist. Today when I had finally achieved my basic goals the all troubles hardship seems very small and unnoticeable. For my success I must thank many loving and kind people around me who constantly motivated me.
There were such a hard days when I was just not able to figure out anything. I never had a habit of expressing my sorrows to anyone so it was more difficult that time. Those days I realized you should be very much strong and patience. As after big strom the environment gets more cleaner and fresh its like same natural process in our lives. During this 5 years I have learned so many things. And finally I realized most of the things in our life are predestined,we are just trying it to make as we desire and better. We all are born for a purpose which we rearly focus on. We are most of the time instead of focusing our lenses tends to focus others one as a result we are always unsatisfied and unhappy. We always search for a light and happiness around when we had a lot of lights and happiness within us. Whole life we just criticize others but its shameful that we even don’t know oneself. In trying to fix other lenses we lost our focus. And to be focused on
oneself is most important thing t

han any others.
Time is really very precious,it heals every pain and makes you very strong. Finally I had achieved my goals few months back. I am happy and more determined at least to uplift some of the peoples life.
At last I just want everyone to follow their dreams and to focus on oneself,rest of the things will be fine. Believe me no matter how big the strom it won’t last longer.

Unsung song

The beautiful face
Always like a mask
Without any expressions
Without any joy and sorrows
As if the life is empty
Those brown eyes
As usual always curious
As if searching for precious thing
The tears on its edge
Sparkling like dew drops on the grass
As if many secret are hidden in it
Which has tried to escape through her eyes
The cold calm her body
Like she never get any warmth
The warmth of love and care
The soft and gentle her voice
Which cannot get the attention of mass
The beautiful dress and ornaments
Which add the beauty
Though could never protect her from demons
The fearful her mind
Got stuck somewhere
The bud which should bloom
Never got nourishment
Though it is snatched and buried
Her fearful mind thinks
Every man are very mean
Even in the day demons move around
She was a little angle
Though she could not protect herself

I am not!!

I am not a cup of tea
That you drink whenever you want
I am not a showpiece kept in shopping mall
That you want to kept where ever you want
I am not a free material
That you want to use whenever you want
I am not your servant
That you order everytime
I am not your prisoner
That I have to take permission before I do anything
I am not your private property
That you want to invest how you want
I am not that woman
Whom you can govern
I am not that fragile woman
To bear your injustices
I am that woman who can roar louder than lions
That whom you assume voiceless and senseless

A last letter

Dear stranger

How fast the time has passed away. It feels like we met just few days back but it had already been 4 years. Many things has been changed there after. Nothing is as before but the memory we had are still the same. The part of life we share is still fresh in my memory. The beautiful moment of my life which brings a big smile in my face when I remember it. How better would have been the life if we were able to hold the time or go back to that same time when we were happy together.

It was the month of November when we first met. So every year the month November is special for me. It was the evening when we met. We were stranger when we met. You had came to visit Nepal from another part of globe. We were in a group and it was a dinner time. Everyone were busy with their stuff so you too.

When I first saw you,my heart lift away,eyes remain wide open and my mind just think how some one can had such a wonderful personality. The tall thin body with sparkling blue eyes with clear white skin over it beautiful smile.

We just get introduced with each other…just hello. That night we had a dinner and we planned our trip which was to begin from next day.

It was the 1 st time in my life I was going away for many days with strangers. We were 6 people all together. 3 males and 3 females. I was in my early 20’s,he was in his late 20’s and others were in late 50’s. I was only Nepali there others people were foreigner. It was going to be a totally new experience in my life. Whole night I was not able to sleep and I was only thinking about the trip and people.

Next day early in the morning I wake up and went to their place to begin our trip.

It was really a wonderful trip I had. The people were amazing. They loved me a lot.

Many thing happen for the 1st time in this trip. The taste of food,music,people everything were new to me though still today my heart smile with satisfaction when I go back to those memories.

I hope you do remember all the things about this trip. Or you might have forgotten everything with new melody and memories in your life. Still today I listen to your that favorite song which we used to listen during our lunch and dinner. I am afraid to ride a bike till today,I hope you remember the reason behind it. Do u remember the day when you gave courage to me to travel on the roof of the bus as I had never travelled and I was too afraid.I was closing my eyes and you were holding my hands tightly. It was like a victory to me when I safely reached to our destiny. These little things about you had made my heart fall more for you. I don’t know about your feelings but my heart has begin to beat for you.

Those days I was happy to be an alarm clock to make you wake up every morning and to have a warm tea together in those cold mornings. Do u remember the last day of our trip you were buying the alarm clock and you were telling you need these as there won’t be anyone to wake you up in the morning. That moment I just wish if I could be that alarm clock so that I can be together with you.

Time never waits for any one it has its own flow like that our one month trip also has completed. All were very happy but I was unhappy with the feeling of being apart from you. I could never know what was the feelings about you for me. Till today I think about it. I was also afraid to confess that time. And I do regret about it till today.

We promised to stay connected with each other though we are far away. I write for you and you too used to write for me. May be I also get busy with my life,stuffs,study and family and you also might have stuck in your life. Our promises were broken and we again became a strangers. The void we both couldn’t feel with any effort. When other people from that group come to visit Nepal I always asked about you. And I get happy to know good thing about you. I don’t know about you but still today that part of life is best part of my life for me.

Though we became strangers again I hope we will meet again. Nothing much but we will be friend once again. We will share hello once again.

This is the last letter I am writing for you,after this I won’t be writing any letter to you. I will kept you always in my memories,prayers and good wishes. I wish best things to happen in your life to bring you a lot of happiness.

Yours loving